What is Forex Trading?

The forex markets are the largest in terms of daily trading volume in the world and therefore offer the most liquidity. This makes it easy to enter and exit a position in any of the major currencies within a fraction of a second for a small spread in most market conditions.


Forex Currency pairs

At Vestrado ,we provide you with full access to 60+ major,minor and exotic pairs with tight spread.Here is what we offer with multiple types of account selection.

Instrument NameSymbolsDigitsMargin (%)Respectus Account Typical Spread Fides Account Typical Spread Frux Account/Cent Typical SpreadContract Size
Australian Dollar vs Canadian DollarAUD/CAD510.31.91.9100000
Australian Dollar vs Swiss FrancAUD/CHF510.31.21.9100000
Australian Dollar vs Japanese YenAUD/JPY310.21.32.0100000
Australian Dollar vs New Zealand DollarAUD/NZD510.41.52.2100000
Australian Dollar vs United States DollarAUD/USD510.00.81.5100000
Canadian Dollar vs Swiss FrancCAD/CHF510.3 1.11.8100000
Canadian Dollar vs Japanese YenCAD/JPY310.10.91.6100000
Euro vs Australian DollarEUR/AUD510.21.01.7100000
Euro vs Canadian DollarEUR/CAD510.21.01.7100000
Euro vs Swiss FrancEUR/CHF510.3 1.11.8100000
Euro vs British PoundEUR/GBP510.31.11.8100000
Euro vs Japanese YenEUR/JPY310.2 1.01.7100000
Euro vs New Zealand DollarEUR/NZD510.3 1.11.8100000
Euro vs United States DollarEUR/USD510.00.81.5100000
British Pound vs Australian DollarGBP/AUD510.3 1.11.8100000
British Pound vs Canadian DollarGBP/CAD510.71.62.3100000
British Pound vs Japanese YenGBP/JPY310.31.11.8100000
British Pound vs United States DollarGBP/USD510.00.81.5100000
New Zealand Dollar vs United States DollarNZD/USD510.31.11.8100000
United States Dollar vs Canadian DollarUSD/CAD510.10.91.6100000
United States Dollar vs Swiss FrancUSD/CHF510.10.91.6100000
United States Dollar vs Hong Kong DollarUSD/HKD515.00.99.0100000
United States Dollar vs Japanese YenUSD/JPY310.10.91.6100000
United States Dollars vs Polish ZlotyUSDPLN517.01818100000
Instrument NameSymbolsDigitsMargin (%)Frux Account Typical SpreadFides Account Typical SpreadRespectus Account Typical SpreadContract Size
Australian Dollar vs Singapore DollarAUD/SGD514.53.80.8100000
Canadian Dollar vs Singapore DollarCAD/SGD514.53.81.5100000
Swiss Frank vs Japanese YenCHF/JPY312.51.80.1100000
Swiss Frank vs Singapore DollarCHF/SGD514.53.91.3100000
Euro vs Norwegian KroneEUR/NOK5529.92923.1100000
Euro vs Swedish KronaEUR/SEK5527.3 26.419.5100000
Euro vs Singapore DollarEUR/SGD514.84.10.9100000
Euro vs Turkish LiraEUR/TRY51022.2 21.321.4100000
Euro vs South African RandEUR/ZAR51082.982.072.1100000
British Pound vs Swiss FrancGBP/CHF512.9 2.20.7100000
British Pound vs Norwegian KroneGBP/NOK51054.853.024.0100000
British Pound vs New Zealand DollarGBP/NZD514.3 3.60.7100000
British Pound vs Swedisk KronaGBP/SEK5104.4 3.71.4100000
British Pound vs Singapore DollarGBP/SGD512.31.41.5100000
Norwegian Krone vs Japanese YenNOK/JPY5541.040.040.1100000
NoRwegian Krone vs Swedish KronaNOK/SEK552.51.61.7100000
New Zealand Dollar vs Canadian DollarNZD/CAD511.31.40.5100000
New Zealand Dollar vs Swiss FrancNZD/CHF511.31.40.5100000
New Zealand Dollar vs Japanese YenNZD/JPY311.21.30.4100000
Singapore Dollar vs Japanese YenSGD/JPY318.87.98.0100000
United States Dollar vs Chinese YuanUSD/CNH552.81.92.0100000
United States Dollar vs Mexican PesoUSD/MXN5516.615.715.8100000
United States Dollar vs Norwegioan KroneUSD/NOK5526.926.026.1100000
United States Dollar vs Swedish KronaUSD/SEK558.6 7.67.7100000
United States Dollar vs Singapore DollarUSD/SGD514.83.94.0100000
United States Dollar vs Turkish LiraUSD/TRY51058.557.657.7100000
United States Dollar vs South African RandUSD/ZAR51035.934.035.1100000
South African Rand vs Japanese YenZAR/JPY41029.025.021.0100000

* The leverage will change depending on the margin requirement for each pair. For a better understanding, please review our leverage and margin policy.

* Swap free account is available for Muslims

* Forex trading hours for all forex pairs GMT+2 is from 00:00-23:59:59

* Any trading schedules change,will be update on NEWs section on vestrado website.

Frequently asked question

You can refer to FAQ below for your inquiries

Currency pairs are often quoted in terms of “bid” and “ask” prices. The bid price is the price at which you can sell the base currency (in this case, the Euro), and the ask price is the price at which you can buy the base currency. The difference between the bid and ask price is known as the “spread,” and it represents the cost of the trade to the trader.

There are many different currency pairs that you can trade in the forex market, including major pairs (such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY), minor pairs (such as AUD/CAD and EUR/GBP), and exotic pairs (such as USD/TRY and EUR/MXN). The choice of which currency pair to trade depends on a variety of factors, including the relative strength of the two economies, the interest rate differential between the two countries, and the level of liquidity in the market.

Margin requirement is the amount of money that a trader must have in their account to open and maintain a position in the market. It is expressed as a percentage of the position size and is set by the broker or the exchange.

For example, if the margin requirement is 2%, and a trader wants to open a position that is worth $10,000, they will need to have at least $200 in their account to cover the margin requirement. This is because 2% of $10,000 is $200.

The margin requirement helps to ensure that traders have enough funds in their accounts to cover any potential losses that may occur as a result of price movements in the market. It also helps to protect the broker or exchange from the risk of a trader defaulting on their trades.

In the financial markets, the spread is the difference between the bid price and the ask price of a security or asset. In the foreign exchange market (also known as the “forex” or “FX” market), the spread is the difference between the bid price and the ask price of a currency pair.

The bid price is the price at which a market participant is willing to buy a currency, and the ask price is the price at which a market participant is willing to sell the same currency. The spread represents the cost of the trade to the trader and is typically quoted in pips, which is a unit of measurement for the change in the exchange rate of a currency pair.

For example, if the bid price for the EUR/USD currency pair is 1.2050 and the ask price is 1.2053, the spread would be 3 pips. This means that if a trader wanted to buy the EUR/USD pair, they would have to pay 1.2053, and if they wanted to sell the pair, they would receive 1.2050. The difference between these two prices is the spread, and it represents the cost of the trade to the trader.